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SUCKER PUNCH! Are you capable of violence?

Who has seen BEEF on Netflix?

Man punching an another man in the face.

After watching the series, it seems unconscionable that this story could ever or would ever play out in modern society but - Are you capable of violence?

The year is 2023 and we have so many new technological advances and more information at our fingertips than could have ever been imagined. We are also more knowledgeable and advanced in our ways of thinking and acting. We have so much more wisdom and understanding of people, humanity and the world around us. Here in the US, we are more aware and have most of the answers for the world’s issues from economic, to spiritual, to legal, to medical to how the world and humanity should think and feel…. well, don’t we? (He says tongue in cheek)

Regardless of our beliefs or backgrounds, we still have the issue of the 'human' gene.

A week before we happened to click on the thumbnail for BEEF on NETFLIX, my wife and I recorded another episode of The YOU Effect. I was wrestling in my mind and soul about my sensitivity and anger which at times could end in an outburst or negative passive aggressive behavior. In my past, I could always find an excuse for my outbursts and behavior. “They did this and deserved that, etc.” When I say outburst, I am not talking just of the physical but also of the internal. My internal outbursts would at times be more dangerous than my physical.

“What comes out from the mouth, proceeds from the heart.”

Even if it never came out from my mouth, the thoughts that burned inside were the most detrimental. Why? Because it was a hidden quiet life that eventually burned me up inside and affected those around me.

We had not seen BEEF before we recorded this episode, but, how far are any of us from a BEEF in our life? And how many of us live an internal BEEF?

In this episode:

  • A sensitive society (01:48)

  • Whose needs are more important? (07:33)

  • Witnessing a sucker punch (15:30)

  • Creating scenarios that grand grace to others (22:22)

Sucker Punch Photo and Episode Link

BEEF may be a bit over the top but to be honest, although we live in 2023 and we often think ourselves the most progressive intelligent society in history, there is a burning issue that plagues all of us. Regardless of our beliefs or backgrounds, we still have the issue of the “human” gene. Humanity can be so good on so many levels, and this is not a exposition on humanity’s goodness but more of an observation on although I may feel a bit superior to my ancestors, I am still human and in my humanness, comes pride, covetous, and often deep anger about the things around me - and not what some might call “righteous anger” but anger that boils to the surface because of something going on deep in my soul/heart.

How often in my personal life or business life am I being too sensitive or anxious which leads to angry outbursts or leads to poor leadership and poor life examples?

Have I become overly sensitive, or have I become overly driven to be right?

What if I did take a great big breath before I reacted or let someone else have their way? Of course, there are times we must stand up and make sure we are heard but how much more comes through grace than through overt power?

Ali Wong and Steven Yeun BEEF on Netflix poster

I may not physically sucker punch another but how often do I internally sucker punch someone?

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