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Well… Let’s be real - we actually haven’t met many of you… yet!
But we would love to get to know you!
Let us start by introducing ourselves…

You can read a little bit about us and why we started

The YOU Effect, below.


'How can I serve?... Used to be how can I serve (me)? Everything I did was to promote something or create leverage. Life happens. Life changes. Perspectives change…hopefully. It did for me.' Now, Nick Cokas (host of The YOU Effect), bases his core internal values around serving others regardless of circumstances.  'It used to be all about writing checks - which isn't bad, we need check writers - but then life shifted. I froze. I felt I had no effect or impact if I couldn't do something enormous. If I couldn’t influence many then I was not influential.  Wow. What a mistake. Some of us are more influential than we could ever imagine. My world was turned upside down but thankfully so was my perspective. It wasn't about the amount of influence that mattered but the consistency of service that did. I wore my effectiveness as a suit. I now strive to wear my effectiveness - whether it gets recognized or not - as my skin. "Suit to Skin."

Nick Cokas - Founder of The YOU Effect and host of The YOU Effect podcast


'Can I really make a difference? If I do something, it's got to be big! It's got to be bold! It has got to make a statement! People need to hear about it! And I better not put it out there until it is perfect.' But what if we never reach 'perfect'? Can our fears of being inadequate, paralyze us from taking positive action? That action, no matter how big or small, can impact someone's life on a scale we might never have dreamt possible. Looking back at the relationships and interactions in her life, Roxane Hayward discovers that the people who made the biggest impact, often made that impact through the smallest actions.

She joins Nick Cokas as co-host of The YOU Effect, talking through scenarios that propose the idea - what if the quality of your interactions with others have more value than the quantity? 

Roxane Hayward Cokas - The YOU Effect podcast host
Now it’s your turn - get in touch, telling us who you are.
Have you got a story about how you positively impacted someone?
Or how someone positively impacted you?
We would love to hear YOUR You Effect!

Thank you for reaching out. We will be in touch soon! Nick + Roxane

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