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It's not about how much you can give,

but how you, the individual, can positively affect others

Simple conversations about big or small actions that have impact

Impacting lives since 2014

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Nick Cokas - Founder of The YOU Effect

"My world was turned upside down but thankfully so was my perspective. It wasn't about the amount of influence that mattered but the consistency of service that did."

Nick Cokas - Burkina Faso - Maleria No More


Taking a perspective and giving it a makeover

Roxane Hayward Cokas - The YOU Effect - Podcast Host


A candid South African who finds hope in unlikely places

"Can our fears of being inadequate, paralyze us from taking positive action? That action, no matter how big or small, can impact someone's life on a scale we might never have dreamt possible."

Roxane Hayward Cokas - Cape Talk Radio Interview

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